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Response Status

Following HTTP standard, all 2xx Response Status codes are to be considered successful, while 4xx and 5xx codes should be considered client and server errors respectively.

Response Body

In all API, Response Body is in JSON format. Formats other than JSON are not supported.
Within this documentation, every Response JSON object described will have its own name as a unique identifier and its hierarchy will be available through a series of drop-down elements.


In Response Body JSON object descriptions, not-nullable fields will be marked with * before the field name, while nullable fields will not be marked.


Deprecated fields in Response Body will be strikethrough and marked with :fontawesome-solid-exclamation-circle:, which means that is highly recommended not to use that field as it will be removed soon.
Both deprecated and corresponding replacing fields will be also marked with :fontawesome-solid-sync-alt:.


Responses which contain a list of elements will most likely be paginated.
Using the Paging object in Response Body to navigate through the results pages will therefore be necessary in order to collect all available data.

JSON Objects

In Response Body, JSON objects may either be a SimpleJSON or a ComplexJSON.


SimpleJSON fields are only of primitive types:

Type Description Examples
int Integer number. -56
decimal Decimal number. -3.21
string Literal enclosed in quotes. "general"
date Literal enclosed in quotes representing a date in YYYY-MM-DD format. "2020-01-01"
boolean Literal not enclosed in quotes. true
array[…] Array composed by one of the types above. [1,-2,0]
[true, false, true]


ComplexJSON fields are not only of primitive types, but also include at least one of the following:

  • SimpleJSON
  • ComplexJSON