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Reputation API allows querying of historical reputational data provided by users about a POI.

Each Reputation API call requires, in addition to a {poi_id}, a Timeframe [from,to], which identifies the time range the data has to be retrieved for.


Term Meaning Examples
content Textual report on a network provided by a user who expresses opinions about topics. Dinner was limited and not the best quality. Breakfast was good but can improve. Service a bit slow.
content_type Typology of a content, bounded to the typology of relative network. review
content_language Language in ISO_639-1 standard format in which a content has been originally written. en
cluster Super-set of topics which have similar argument pertinence. Dictionary
fragment Piece of content which is extracted according to criteria of meaningfulness, relevance, synthesis and self-consistency. Dinner was limited and not the best quality.
network Web platform that users can feed with contents of judgement. Dictionary
opinion Judgement expressed by a user on a topic. limited
polarity Qualitative typology of an opinion. POSITIVE
rating Numerical evaluation provided by a user on a POI. 9/10
sentiment KPI percentage calculated on users opinions which indicates users global satisfaction about a POI. 70.00 / 100
topic Subject on which users express opinions. dinner
user Digital actor which feeds networks with contents. John Doe
user_country Country of origin of a user. gb


Following schema shows a visual example about how reputational data is processed.



The timeframe extension for which querying data is allowed, including depth in the past, depends upon the deal subscription.
Naturally, reputational data can never be queried for a future timeframe.

Data Readiness

When querying data for a {poi_id} for the first time, both with Licence and On-demand billing plan, it's nearly certain that the first response will have HTTP Status Code 425 with the following Body:

  "errors": [
      "code": "POI_NOT_READY",
      "error": "Property not ready, try again after 3 minutes."
As suggested, please wait some minutes before trying again.