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Search API allows the user to obtain a {poi_id}, the Data Appeal internal POI unique identifier.

After performing a search, the response may contain or not contain results.

Search with no results

If no results are returned, the requested POI is not mapped in the system.
In such case, you can call Discover API to trigger its discovery.

Search with results

If results are returned, one single result corresponding to the requested POI is the expected behaviour. However, due to changes over time of POI's identifying data within its monitored networks, POI duplication could occur and multiple results would be returned from the search.

Search with single result

Once a single correspondence is obtained for a search input, it can be used as {poi_id} in two different ways depending on which Billing Plan was subscribed.

  • Licence: first associate a licence to the resource {poi_id} in order to perform calls for it.
  • On-demand: obtained {poi_id} can be used to perform calls right away, which will be billed upon their .

Search with multiple results

In this case, we advise the user to contact us in order to suggest which POI best corresponds to the searched input. Once selecting the POI, actions previously described above, in POI Search with single result, can be taken.