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Pricing Tier Licence Type

Topics API returns general information about topics for a POI.
A topic identifies a subject on which users express opinions.



GET /v4/{billing_plan}/account/{account_id}/poi/{poi_id}/topics/overall

Path Parameters

Name                       Description Type Examples
*{billing_plan} Billing plan to be applied to the call. string licence
*{account_id} Provided identifier of the account. string
*{poi_id} Identifier of the POI to retrieve data for.
Value obtainable either :
- if {billing_plan}licence, from $.results[*] field of List Licences Response Body
- if {billing_plan}ondemand, from $.results.pois[*].id field of any Search API Response Body.
string XXeUNbmtYZTsH7UGvNfXWo

Header Parameters

Name                          Description Type Examples                         
*x-api-key Provided API key {x_api_key} that allows authentication. string
*Authorization Provided token {jwt_bearer} that allows authorization. string Bearer {jwt_bearer}

Query Parameters

Name                         Description Type Examples Default
*from Start date of timeframe. date 2020-01-01
*to End date of timeframe. date 2020-12-31
topic Filter by topic. string 2 stars
cluster Filter by cluster. string Dictionary
language Translate topic names in the specified language.
It also allows the user to filter by topic and cluster parameter by setting its value in the specified language.
string it
reply_received Filter by contents with a reply. boolean true
sentiment.value.eq Filter by sentiment equal to the specified value. decimal Filter by sentiment greater than the specified value. decimal
sentiment.value.gte Filter by sentiment greater than or equal to the specified value. decimal Filter by sentiment less than the specified value. decimal
sentiment.value.lte Filter by sentiment less than or equal to the specified value. decimal
network Filter by network. string Dictionary
user_country Filter by reviewer's country of origin in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard format (in lower case). string it
content_language Filter by contents language in ISO_639-1 standard format. string en
user_type Filter by user type. string Dictionary
order_by Order results by specifying:
Results in ascending order:
      {order_value} or +{order_value}
Results in descending order:
string sentiment
page Requested page number for paginated results. int 1
page_size Requested page size for paginated results in the range [1, 100]. int 25
Supported values for language
  • en
  • it
  • fr
  • es
  • de
Supported values for {order_by}
  • sentiment, +sentiment, -sentiment
  • contents.positive, +contents.positive, -contents.positive
  • contents.negative, +contents.negative, -contents.negative
  • contents.neutral, +contents.neutral, -contents.neutral
curl -X GET '{account_id}/poi/HF8xjSQW4W43NGr56denSh/topics/overall?from=2020-01-01&to=2020-02-29&page_size=2' \
-H 'x-api-key: {x_api_key}' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {jwt_bearer}' \



Status Description
200 Topics data has been successfully returned.



Field Description Type
*results Paginated list of topics. array[Topic]
paging Response pagination. Paging
Field Description Type
topic Descriptive identifier of the topic. string
contents Total and grouped by polarity count of contents. PolarizedCount
opinions Total and grouped by polarity count of opinions. PolarizedCount
sentiment KPI which indicates users global satisfaction. PolarizedValue
Field Description Type
positive Positive elements count. int
negative Negative elements count. int
neutral Neutral elements count. int
total Total elements count. int
Field Description Type Examples
value Value of the including field in the range [0,100]. decimal 60.3
polarity Polarity of the corresponding value. string POSITIVE
Field Description Type
last A relative URI to the last page. string
first A relative URI to the first page. string
prev A relative URI to the previous page. string
next A relative URI to the next page. string
current A relative URI to the current page. string
pages A set of relative URIs calculated around the current page. Page
elements All indexes shown on the current page. array[int]
total The number of all elements that API can retrieve. int
size The selected page size. int
Field Description Type
number Number of the page. int
uri URI of the page. string
    "results": [
            "topic": "2 stars",
            "sentiment": {
                "value": 12.49,
                "polarity": "NEGATIVE"
            "opinions": {
                "positive": 1,
                "negative": 3,
                "neutral": 0,
                "total": 4
            "contents": {
                "positive": 0,
                "negative": 3,
                "neutral": 0,
                "total": 3
            "topic": "4 stars",
            "sentiment": {
                "value": 47.03,
                "polarity": "NEGATIVE"
            "opinions": {
                "positive": 2,
                "negative": 9,
                "neutral": 0,
                "total": 11
            "contents": {
                "positive": 3,
                "negative": 5,
                "neutral": 0,
                "total": 8
    "paging": {
        "last": "/topics/overall?page=76&page_size=2&from=2020-01-01&to=2020-02-29",
        "first": "/topics/overall?page=1&page_size=2&from=2020-01-01&to=2020-02-29",
        "prev": null,
        "next": "/topics/overall?page=2&page_size=2&from=2020-01-01&to=2020-02-29",
        "current": "/topics/overall?page=1&page_size=2&from=2020-01-01&to=2020-02-29",
        "pages": [
                "number": 1,
                "uri": "/topics/overall?page=1&page_size=2&from=2020-01-01&to=2020-02-29"
                "number": 2,
                "uri": "/topics/overall?page=2&page_size=2&from=2020-01-01&to=2020-02-29"
                "number": 3,
                "uri": "/topics/overall?page=3&page_size=2&from=2020-01-01&to=2020-02-29"
                "number": 4,
                "uri": "/topics/overall?page=4&page_size=2&from=2020-01-01&to=2020-02-29"
                "number": 5,
                "uri": "/topics/overall?page=5&page_size=2&from=2020-01-01&to=2020-02-29"
        "elements": [
        "total": 151,
        "size": 2