Rates API allows querying of hospitality POI prices for the future. Each Rates API call requires, in addition to a {poi_id}, a Timeframe [from,to], which identifies the time range the data has to be retrieved for.


Timeframe thresholds are fixed and defined as follows:

  • {from} <= {to} <= 12 months after today
  • {from} >= 31 days before {to}

Data Readiness

Since rates data in the future is intrinsically subject to mutations, the user is always aware that retrieved data is never to be considered final.

When querying data for a {poi_id} in a future timeframe for the first time, it is highly expected that response will contain empty results: as marked before, this response should not be taken for definitive.

In fact, this will trigger a data retrieving process what will allow to show results within some minutes.

Rates data can be retrieved only from the first day when rates data retrieving was first triggered.