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Possible errors may occur as a result of API calls in particular circumstances.

More peculiar errors are specified in the Response Status section of each API call.


Following HTTP Status Code standard, following error statuses are categorized as follows:

  • 4xx: Client Side errors, for which most of the responsibility is attributable to the client request.
  • 5xx: Server Side errors, for which most of the responsibility is attributable to the server that wasn't able to respond as expected.


HTTP Code Description Body Action
400 Bad Request ErrorsList Check if parameters are correct and consistent.
Look in the Response Body error details for more info.
401 Unauthorized ErrorMessage Check that the variable parts of the request (e.g. {x_api_key}, {jwt_bearer}) are spelled correctly without any trailing spaces or undesired characters.
403 Forbidden ErrorMessage Such response is returned if the user does not have the permission to perform the call.
Please check that the request is well-formed to request data expected to be authorized for.
404 Not Found ErrorRouting Check if endpoint path is correct.
425 Too Early ErrorsList The requested data is not yet ready.
The Response Body will notify how long to wait until the data is ready.
429 Too Many Requests ErrorMessage One of the following limits has been exceeded:
- requests per second: decrease the number of simultaneous requests.
- requests per day: either wait until the next day or contact us to increase the limit.


HTTP Code Description Body Action
500 Internal Server Error ErrorsList This is an unexpected error.
Please verify if it keeps occurring when repeating the call.
If so, please contact us.
502 Bad Gateway This should be a temporary issue.
Please try performing the same request again.
503 Service Unavailable This should be a temporary issue.
Please try performing the same request again.
504 Gateway Timeout ErrorMessage This error should occur after waiting longer than 30 seconds for a response.
Please try performing the same request again.


In case of error, the Response Body may contain the following JSON objects which provide details about the occurred errors.


Field Description Type
errors List of errors occurred. array[Error]
Field Description Type Examples
code Code which identifies the error occurred. string WRONG_TIMEFRAME
error Verbose explanation of the error code. string 'from' must be less than equal 'to'

This is the overall grouped, it needs a field on which to group.

An error has occurred

Property not ready, try again after 3 minutes.
    "errors": [
            "code": "INVALID_SENTIMENT_FILTER",
            "error": "Only one filter on sentiment can be applied"
            "code": "INVALID_LANGUAGE",
            "error": "The requested language filter is not valid"
            "code": "INVALID_PAGINATION_REQUEST",
            "error": "The requested pagination filter is not valid"


Field Description Type Examples
message Verbose explanation of the error. string Unauthorized

User is not authorized to access this resource with an explicit deny
Endpoint request timed out
  "message": "Endpoint request timed out"


Field Description Type Examples
timestamp String representing the error timestamp in yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.SSSZZZZ format. string 2021-07-05T07:47:26.857+0000
status Response HTTP Status Code. int 404
error Description of the error. string Not Found
message Message of the error. string Not Found
path Internal path affected by the error. string /licence/9999/XXeUNbmtYZTsH7UGvNfXWo/null/null
    "timestamp": "2021-07-05T07:47:26.857+0000",
    "status": 404,
    "error": "Not Found",
    "message": "Not Found",
    "path": "/licence/9999/XXeUNbmtYZTsH7UGvNfXWo/null/null"