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Delete Competitor

Licence Type

Delete Competitor API allows the user to delete a competitor of a licensed resource.


Once a competitor is added, its deletion will be allowed only after 6 months.



DELETE /v4/account/{account_id}/{resource_type}/{resource_id}/competitors/{competitor_id}

Path Parameters

Name                       Description Type Examples
*{account_id} Provided identifier of the account. string
*{resource_type} Identifier of the type of the resource to associate the competitor to. string poi
*{resource_id} Identifier of the resource to delete the competitor from.
Value obtainable from $.results[*] field of List Licences Response Body.
string XXeUNbmtYZTsH7UGvNfXWo
*{competitor_id} Identifier of the competitor to delete.
Value obtainable from $.results[*].id field of List Competitors Response Body.
string UiCazu2MtzMGeXagvnxXi6
Supported values for {resource_type}
  • poi

Header Parameters

Name                          Description Type Examples                         
*x-api-key Provided API key {x_api_key} that allows authentication. string
*Authorization Provided token {jwt_bearer} that allows authorization. string Bearer {jwt_bearer}
curl -X DELETE '{account_id}/poi/HF8xjSQW4W43NGr56denSh/competitors/UiCazu2MtzMGeXagvnxXi6' \
-H 'x-api-key: {x_api_key}' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {jwt_bearer}' \



Status Description
204 Competitor of the resource has been successfully deleted.
403 Competitor cannot be deleted for 6 months after its addition.