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Search by Google Place ID

Pricing Tier Licence Type

Search by Google Place ID API returns a list of POIs associated with the given Google Place ID.


If HTTP Response Status Code 425 is returned, the requested POIs are not mapped in the system.

In such case, you can call Discover by Google Place ID with the same input to trigger correspondent discovery.

Afterward, calling Search by Google Place ID with the same input, every polling_frequency for a maximum of polling_timeout, is needed in order to try to obtain results from the search.

If after polling_timeout Search by Google Place ID still returns 425, the search is deemed to be unsuccessful.
Otherwise, if Search by Google Place ID returns 200 within polling_timeout, the search is successful and results are contained in the Response Body.

Suggested values are:

  • polling_frequency: 3 minutes
  • polling_timeout: 60 minutes

However, such values can be freely modulated at the user's discretion depending on their use case.



GET /v4/{billing_plan}/account/{account_id}/poi/search/google/{google_place_id}

Path Parameters

Name                             Description Type Examples
*{billing_plan} Billing plan to be applied to the call. string licence
*{account_id} Provided identifier of the account. string
*{google_place_id} Identifier of a POI on Google platform.
Google Place ID can be retrieved here searching a POI by name.
string ChIJ0SxLAfhTKhMRzushPx_GJOM

Header Parameters

Name                          Description Type Examples                         
*x-api-key Provided API key {x_api_key} that allows authentication. string
*Authorization Provided token {jwt_bearer} that allows authorization. string Bearer {jwt_bearer}

Query Parameters

Name                         Description Type Default
page The page number shown in the response. int 1
page_size The size of each page in the response in the range [1, 100]. int 25
curl -X GET '{account_id}/poi/search/google/ChIJ0SxLAfhTKhMRzushPx_GJOM' \
-H 'x-api-key: {x_api_key}' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {jwt_bearer}' \



Status Description
200 Search by Google Place ID data has been successfully returned.
425 No matching POI found for the requested input.



Field Description Type
*results Paginated list of POI. POISearchResults
paging Response pagination. Paging
Field Description Type Examples
*pois List of POI search results. array[POISearchResult]
Field Description Type Examples
*id Hashed identifier of the POI, also referred as {poi_id}. string EujqFHQra7ypyuBEgyFiXw
*name Name of the POI. string Circus Maximus
*address Textual address of the POI along with its spatial coordinates. Address
industry Identifies the super-typology of the POI. string Dictionary
Field Description Type
last A relative URI to the last page. string
first A relative URI to the first page. string
prev A relative URI to the previous page. string
next A relative URI to the next page. string
current A relative URI to the current page. string
pages A set of relative URIs calculated around the current page. Page
elements All indexes shown on the current page. array[int]
total The number of all elements that API can retrieve. int
size The selected page size. int
Field Description Type
number Number of the page. int
uri URI of the page. string
    "results": {
        "pois": [
                "id": "HhmfX9vTUpKGJX96Hseshh",
                "name": "Plaza Lucchesi Hotel",
                "address": {
                    "fullAddress": "Lungarno della Zecca Vecchia, 38, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy",
                    "latitude": 43.766609,
                    "longitude": 11.263381
                "industry": "hospitality"
    "paging": {
        "last": "/search/google/ChIJ0SxLAfhTKhMRzushPx_GJOM?page=1&page_size=25",
        "first": "/search/google/ChIJ0SxLAfhTKhMRzushPx_GJOM?page=1&page_size=25",
        "prev": null,
        "next": null,
        "current": "/search/google/ChIJ0SxLAfhTKhMRzushPx_GJOM?page=1&page_size=25",
        "pages": [
                "number": 1,
                "uri": "/search/google/ChIJ0SxLAfhTKhMRzushPx_GJOM?page=1&page_size=25"
        "elements": [
        "total": 1,
        "size": 25