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Field                                      Description Type Examples
*checkin_date Check-in date of the offer. date 2022-05-01
*room_name Descriptive identifier of the room typology. string Double Room
*stay_price Price of the offer in Euros. decimal
*min_stay Minimum amount of days required for the stay. int
:fontawesome-solid-exclamation-circle: * number_of_guest
:fontawesome-solid-sync-alt: * number_of_guests
Number of guests allowed for the offer. int
refundable Whether the offer is refundable. boolean
:fontawesome-solid-exclamation-circle: * prepayment
:fontawesome-solid-sync-alt: * prepayment_required
Whether the offer requires payment in advance. boolean
breakfast_included Whether the offer includes breakfast in stay_price. boolean
:fontawesome-solid-exclamation-circle: * lunch
:fontawesome-solid-sync-alt: * lunch_included
Whether the offer includes lunch in stay_price. boolean
:fontawesome-solid-exclamation-circle: * dinner
:fontawesome-solid-sync-alt: * dinner_included
Whether the offer includes dinner in stay_price. boolean
available_rooms Number of available rooms detected for room_name on checkin_date. int
total_rooms Total number of rooms detected for room_name on checkin_date. int